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about our eco homes

The vision of Saraya’s guest accommodation was inspired and influenced by the landscape which it sits within, and the materials that were directly available to us. Many of the construction materials are natural, such as mud, clay, bamboo and leaves.

We offer our guests two types of eco-stay/natural living accommodation- mud houses and tree houses. We built these structures around the existing trees on the land, keeping the environment intact, and incorporating the plant life into our living spaces.

The workforce that built our accommodation was comprised of members from all over India, which resulted in a rich culmination of knowledge of, and experience in traditional building methods and the construction of sustainable living environments.

tree houses

The 3 tree houses are completely elevated structures, made from bamboo and woven wood. Even all of our door handles, windows and other featured furniture are made from natural materials like tree branches or palm, or from recycled or reclaimed items.

Each guest house features a roof made from recycled tetra pack compressed corrugated sheets and is necessary to protect our guests from certain harsh weather conditions that can be a part of everyday life at particular times of the year in Goa.

Each of our houses is designed to be an interesting and inspiring space, whilst offering the common amenities of any hotel and the excitement of being at one with nature.

mud houses

Our natural living accommodation features four mud houses. The design of each house is intrinsically linked to a large palm tree, which is often the main support for the structure, linking each house to its natural environment through necessity and thankfulness. Traditional building methods have been employed to create the mud walls of the mud houses. 

Inside each mud house, there is smooth coloured clay flooring, a double bed complete with mosquito net, bespoke shelving made from local wood and tree branches, and a simple bathroom with a bath and shower and upcycled sink. The tree houses feature a bamboo ladder staircase up to each property, and a balcony, also constructed of bamboo, where guests can sit and gaze over the local scenery, featuring woodlands and paddy fields.


There is communal seating in the accommodation area where guests can unwind, relax, work or play, and guests are also welcome to walk up the main house where the art gallery is located and spend their time there, or sit by our meditation pond, which is a great place to sit in reflection during the afternoon, and maybe dip your feet in the water as fish swim by.


 Cafe |  Hot Shower/Bath |  Free Wi-Fi |  Double Bed Suites

Community Spaces | Workshops/Art Centre |  Peaceful Location

SARAYA Hotel Guidelines

Ghandi, India

"It's a beautiful man made forest type place, in the middle of the city. All the basic facilities were available in this place and experienced that place was designed and created in a minimalist approach. Highly recommended for solo/student travellers and especially who likes to experience forest stay."

Sachin, UAE

"It’s an eco friendly and sustainable stay, my kind of living. The owner and her sons are helpful and wonderful human beings. The food is so authentic and finger licking, they serve the best Pizza in Goa."

Raluca, Romania

"Really liked the entire concept of the place, food and drinks and that you can run into different events. Very nice people, especially the volunteers, much love for them."

Vidhya, India

“Extremely grateful to have spent time at Saraya. Had meaningful conversations with Deeksha. Will fondly remember the time spent for many years to come.”

Carl, India

"I just love this concept of a holiday home. It is very well done. The mud houses and tree houses are the best I've come across till date and are laid out very innovatively from the inside using basic materials."
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