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Permaculture Teacher Training Course


Do you want to be a Permaculture Teacher?

Jude Hobbs & Rico Zook hosted India’s first Permaculture Teacher Training prior to the International Permaculture Conference & Convergence last year in Hyderabad. They had a diverse student group of 27 Permaculture enthusiasts from all kinds of fields of Regenerative Practices & budding Permaculture Teachers from 11 different countries.

It was such an amazing teaching, sharing & learning experience that they are back again to share with the enthusiastic community of Permaculturists here in India!

Empower yourself to advocate for change through whole systems design and teaching! This Permaculture Teacher Training course will improve and expand your abilities and make you a more versatile, engaging and effective educator.

In this dynamic and interactive course, you will learn significant teaching techniques to communicate Permaculture principles and strategies in a wide variety of educational settings.

Our goal is to encourage and inspire your unique strengths and talents by demonstrating diverse teaching modalities such as lecture, facilitating class discussions, storytelling, and using visual aids. In this setting of active learning, you will experience essential hands-on practice by preparing and co-teaching several presentations.

Course Content:

This is an incredible opportunity to study with an experienced teaching team and learn how to teach and facilitate Permaculture workshops. To be eligible to register for the course, you should have taken the Permaculture Design Certificate Course or have the instructor’s approval.

What topics will the course cover?


  • Ethics, Codes of Practice & Self-Care

  • Setting a Course Tone

  • The Art and Science of Being an Educator

  • Teaching via Pattern Dynamics, Whole Systems & Adult Learning Styles

  • Practical Hands-On Learning with Experiential Techniques

  • Facilitator’s Toolkit and Resources

  • Working with Special Needs and Difficult Situations

  • Presenting Styles & Methods

  • Curriculum Planning, Module Building & Time Management

  • Adapting for Cultural Diversity

  • Working with Co-Instructors & Guests

  • Making The Most of Field Trips And Excursions

  • Course Planning: Venue Logistics, Marketing, Budgets, Timelines Implementation & Disaster Preparedness

  • Interns; Apprentices & Mentors, Sharing the Knowledge

  • Evaluations and Review

  • The Permaculture Network

  • Tips of the Trade

Course Activities: include presentations, interactive and participatory processes, role-play, discussions, group work and peer review.

There is more information on the facilitator’s websites about the course history, content and aim so feel free to explore the subject deeper and get in touch with any specific queries.

Course Certification: Participants will receive a Permaculture Teacher Training and Facilitation Certificate of Completion

About the Instructors:
We have just completed building our international team of instructors. Our full team is listed below, with the country of origin, websites, and a brief bio.


Jude Hobbs (USA):

Jude Hobbs is an internationally recognized permaculture educator, land consultant, and designer. Drawing upon 30 years’ experience of utilizing whole-system design techniques, she provides environmentally sound solutions in urban and rural settings which promote sustainable actions.

Through her business, Ago-Ecology Northwest, Jude specializes in encouraging farm management practices for optimizing resource conservation, biodiversity, watershed enhancement and income diversification. As an educator, she brings her passion for Permaculture to her courses by developing curricula that encompass diverse learning styles and methods that are inspiring and information-rich. Jude’s intention is to empower people to creatively change their everyday patterns so as to care for the earth and each other.

As a co-founder of the Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA), she actively supports the next generation of permaculture trainers through continuing education and professional development.

Jude co-tends Wilson Creek Gardens a 7-acre Permaculture demonstration site in Cottage Grove, Oregon where there are abundant micro-climates from which to learn.

Rico Zook (USA):

For the past 20 years, Rico has been a Permaculture designer, consultant and educator working with private individuals, farmers, villagers and local organizations in India, Cambodia, northern New Mexico, the middle-east and other parts of the world.

His work focuses on assisting all levels of the global community to create culturally and environmentally appropriate life systems that are resilient and regenerative.

He has also worked with local and indigenous cultures to help preserve traditional knowledge and technologies while adapting to and becoming active members of our rapidly globalizing world. With work in different climates and cultures, Rico has established himself as one of the new leaders and innovators in Permaculture worldwide. This is further supported by his work with global Permaculture organizations organizing the International Permaculture Convergence.

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