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Dr. Kavita Kapoor

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Dr. Kavita Kapoor is a renowned interior designer for over 5 decades with a degree from JJ school of Arts.

She is armed with an arsenal of accolades and achievements. Especially dear to her heart is the "Vikrant" for which she was chief designer of the VIP interiors.

She has also designed spaces for several Bollywood celebrities and her name has been listed in the "Who's Who of Women". The international data bank of America awarded her with a Doctorate for her various achievements.


Her journey spanning over 5 decades has culminated in a collection of paintings that expresses the passage of life through her eyes. Her works are an expression of life itself translated in to hues, textures and forms on the canvas.


Her work is a direct reflection of the different phases of her life, and since it spans over 50 years the stylistic changes on the canvas are evident. What remains a constant is the expression of her exuberance and passion for life evident through the use of fresh vibrant colors and her playful style.


At 85 years young Dr Kapoor still exudes a remarkable zest for life. She not only continues to work and paint but she also runs a school for underprivileged children.


She encourages the younger generation to bring harmony in their lives through art and design.

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