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Upcoming Permaculture Course


The Essense of Permaculture series - 2022
                  with Clea Chandmal

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What really is ‘Permaculture thinking’ ? What are we trying to achieve whilst we apply permaculture thinking in its different contexts ?

Join us for a series of short workshops with the seasoned and experienced Permaculture designer & teacher Clea Chandmal, to explore the essence of Permaculture. We will begin with the broad concept (workshop 1) , and then go on to explore its application in different Earth systems, namely soil, water, trees, ecosystems & of course people.

This workshop is for both people new to permaculture & for people who have already studied and practiced it and are looking to refresh their understanding.

Workshop dates :-

1) Oct 1 - The Essence of Permaculture - CORE

2) Oct 2 - The Essence of Permaculture - People

3) Nov 6 - The Essence of Permaculture - Species

4) December 4 - The Essence of Permaculture - Earth

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